New in 2014 we have added Sylvan Lake Youth Tri Series.  The kids will race the same day after the adults. Youth race course distances will be according to age. Youth ages 7-8 swim 100m, bike 2k, run 1k.  Youth ages 9-10 swim 100m, bike 4k, run 1k. Youth ages 11-12 swim 200m, bike 6k, run 2k.  Youth ages 13-14 swim 200m, bike 8k, run 2k. Youth age 15 swim 300m, bike 10k, run 4k.  All youth race routes stay within the park!   Also age 16 and older can race the adult course. This is a series of three races for youth and adults. Adult athletes can choose from: Full Sprint Triathlon, swim 750m, bike 20k, run 5k.  Aqua Bike, swim 750m, bike 20k, no run.  Duathlon, run 5k,  bike 20k,  run 5k.   Mini Sprint Tri swim 500m, bike 20k,  run 5k.  Sylvan Lake Park is a beautiful venue and the course layout is awesome.  It’s a perfect distance for new and re-inspired athletes. So accept this challenge to get your family fit and stay fit,  remember more people = more fun. Invite your family, friends …and rivals!  


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