This is our crew!

christinamairs_medChristina Mairs

I can’t thank TriLifeUSA and Coach Cottle enough for the time and effort that he has put into my training over the last two years. I wanted a more personal experience as I moved up to racing the half and full ironman distances. Having him walk me through all the different ups and downs of training, and then helping me realize what’s important, made me more confident in what I was doing. Coach Cottle has truly gone above and beyond all my expectations. He is a great coach and a true friend. I‚Äôm planning on many more triathlons in the future, and continuing with TriLifeUSA and Coach Cottle. If you are new to the sport or looking to step up your game, Coach Cottle can provide you with the training necessary to accomplish your goals.

– C. Mairs


img_0634_medBob Claude

Whether you’re looking for a bike, a coach or a friend, it’s hard to best Coach Cottle. He listens and learns in order to expand his library, which he uses to create solutions to meet any client or customer’s needs. My experiences with Coach Cottle and family have mainly been about bikes – at least 5 to date. Each time seems to have been a rush job for him, and he always comes through. Now, as a coach, he is instilling a new sense of success in me – getting me first over an injury, and then on to training. And he will listen to you, and deal with your “issues ” (come on, we ALL have them), in a patient yet no nonsense manner. If you’re looking for a coach and friend, you’d be hard pressed to find better. Thank you, TriLifeUSA and Coach Cottle.

– Bob Claude, cyclist, (hack) runner and knucklehead ūüôā



Dr. Steven Barrett

Before working with TriLifeUSA and Coach Cottle, I thought I was maximizing my workouts. However after my first week with TrilifeUSA I realized I had a lot to learn and a long way to go to reach my potential. Even with a busy work schedule Coach Cottle has designed effective workouts that fit my schedule. He has helped me reach my short term goals of being well prepared for each race I enter, staying mentally focused with interesting workouts and getting in the best shape of my life. I have no doubt with Coach Cottle, I will reach my long term goal of completing a Half-Ironman. At 52 I am looking forward to getting better over the next few years and pushing myself to a new personal record. With advice on my equipment, nutrition and racing tips TriLifeUSA and Coach Cottle has help me beyond words. At a time when many of my friends are slowing down to fish and play golf, I feel like I am getting that competitive spirit that drives you to succeed.

-Dr. S. Barrett